The internet is saturated with makeup looks, art, videos, etc., and it’s a great body of visual information that I wanted to add to. However, the volume of images we’re bombarded with daily grants me very little wiggle room. There are niches within niches already, and people have created new traditions on their own under the internet culture. We sort of look for certain things under specific niches; like, I’d expect a makeup guru of today to have brightly lit ┬áimages, a bubbly personality, and maybe a very glittery and femme backdrop. That sort of thing.

I wanted my own space in our vast web to present my work in a way that, a) is very true to me, and b) is a little different. Most of my work in this archive is shot with analog cameras, such as my Canon FX (1964) and my Fuji Instax. I’m not trying to be hipster at all, I swear. I’m not even a proper photographer (hence the use of Instax since I’m too lazy to fiddle with camera settings). I just personally really, really delight in the surprise factor of film cameras. My work doesn’t just end in the makeup look, or the composition, or the subject. That’s only the first part for me; the final work is the photo – the makeup may react with the light; my shaking hands might add a ghostly blur to the image. You never really know, you know?


Frilly talk aside, this is all for my own fun and enjoyment.