One of my favorite images on earth is the iconic shot of Jean Patchett by Francis Pellegrini.

I still clearly remember watching Funny Face (1957), and how when Pellegrini’s photo appeared in the opening credits, I moved faster than I ever have to take a screenshot. Whew. I wish the makeup artist had been credited because the two-toned look Patchett was wearing is phenomenal – the side of her face with glossy blue eye shadow features a warmer skin tone and cool pink lips; the other side displayed a clear cut of paler, cooler toned skin, paired with green eyes and warm red lips. Incredible. I tried my hand at the look today, and I hope I did it justice. Had a blast taking the next few photos.


Featuring: Mikki Malonzo

Makeup: Mikki Malonzo

Photography: Mikki Malonzo and Bea Ong


Gear: Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

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December 9, 2017